Work for areas impacted by Dorian not over

Around 3,100 hundred Red Cross employees and volunteers were sent to the East Coast to help after Hurricane Dorian hit.

Locally, the Southeast Mississippi Chapter of the American Red Cross sent a few dozen volunteers to the East Coast. They tell News 25 most of our local volunteers have returned, but the work for the areas hit by Dorian is not over.

John McFarland, the executive director of the Southeast Mississippi Chapter of American Red Cross, says if you want to give back, donating money is the best way to do so.

“The best way to help is with money. I know people want to send food or whatever, but that costs money to transport and it means taking people off of a critical job to unload the trucks and then you’ve got laws you’ve got to follow. You can’t just pass out used clothes. They have got to be inspected and they have got to be cleaned and then you’re giving people clothes that don’t fit and all of that stuff, whereas with cash they get money right away to do what they need.”

Along with their relief efforts with Dorian, the Southeast Mississippi Chapter of the American Red Cross has deployed a local logistics volunteer to Texas to help with flood relief.

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