Woolmarket Christmas Parade took place this weekend

In Woolmarket, the Biloxi community came together to spread Christmas cheer as the fourth annual Woolmarket Christmas Parade brought some light during this tough year.

Showering the crowd with candy, toys, stuffed animals, beads, and much more.

The parade was lined up with flashy cars, local businesses, decorated Golf carts, churches, and locals.

Waiting along the parade trail were anxious children and adults excited to pick up all the goodies.

The parade lifted the spirits of the community if only for just a second. Parade Coordinator Jammie Hageman said, “We needed it. Woolmarket needed the parade. Everything else around has been canceled. There’s no Christmas event. You can’t go see Santa Claus like you used to. So, I think the kids, the parents, everybody needed something just to get out the house and do some sort of Christmas activity. I love being in the parade I love seeing the people that I know. I love the kids faces when you throw stuff to them. They are all so happy and excited and it’s just everything. I love the whole thing.”

Taking safety measures into consideration Woolmarket is hoping to be able to celebrate Mardi Gras and the upcoming carnival season.

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