Women Entrepreneurs Learn how to Beat Stress

Managing your stress and improving your mental health are great strides towards a healthy mind and a healthy life.
A group of women entrepreneurs were getting some expert advice on how to do just that at the Knight Nonprofit Center in Gulfport today. The first Women Entrepreneurs Meeting of 2017 was all about how stress can affect the body both physically and mentally.
Owner of Shanti Yoga and Counseling Tania Bayne was the keynote speaker. She says monitoring your breathing and taking time to breathe can really assist you in staying on top of stress. “We talked about how stress affects our physical body and it mostly goes to shoulders and neck and so when we pause again for 30 seconds to a minute and relax the shoulders with our exhale, it’s like it works miracles and it’s free. No side effects, it’s our breath!”
If you need professional help in managing stress, Shanti Yoga and Counseling offers daily classes on Pass Road in Gulfport.

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