Woman Mourns the Loss of Homeless Daughter Killed by Train

A Gulfport woman is struggling with the loss of her homeless daughter after she was struck and killed by a train. She shared her story with News 25. One week after the death of her daughter, Mary Littell struggles to hold it together.

Crystal Barmer, 29, was homeless, working to rebuild her life when she was struck and killed by a train in Biloxi. Littell says, "I want them to remember by her giving what she had in her heart and helping others. She’d tell people about the food pantries and tell them, ‘Hey, you can get on the bus.’”

Littell says it was devastating to see her daughter without a home to raise her family. She also says, "I gave them as much food as I could from me, but you know, there’s lots of people that live in the woods and they need help, but for a pregnant mother to live in the woods, that just broke my heart. That’s my baby."

It was just over a year ago when a homeless man froze to death in the woods in Gulfport, a tragedy that even just a warm blanket might have prevented. Linda Favre, Executive Director of Shepherd of the Gulf, says, "Oh man, if you give someone a blanket right now out in the woods and they’re just so grateful. I mean that could be the difference between living and dying is a blanket."

Littell also says, "There’s lots of stuff you can donate. If you have old blankets, don’t throw them out, donate them. They can use them in that field. Shoes that’s been worn, they can take that, socks, they’re not particular about what they get, they just need to be warm."

Favre says homelessness is a serious issue on the Coast, but the answer is simple. She says, "I think there is a solution, I really do. I think for number one, we desperately need a shelter, but it has to be a shelter in sections. It has to be a shelter that houses women singly, men singly, families together."

Littell hopes her daughter’s death will serve as a reminder of the bigger issue on the Coast. She wants to encourage others to be more open to a vulnerable population that is often overlooked.

Littell closes, "I’m just reaching out to the public to let you know there’s a lot of homeless people out there that need help and don’t be afraid of them. Give what you can give. Give daily, don’t just give on holidays."

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