Woman dies after her hair gets caught in go-kart wheel, police say

A 28-year-old woman in India died Wednesday after her hair got caught in the wheel of a go-kart she was driving, tearing her scalp off her head, authorities said.

Puneet Kaur, of Rampura Phul in Bathinda, was visiting the Aqua Village amusement park with her husband, 2-year-old son and other family members when they decided to take a spin on the track, the Hindustan Times reported.

According to authorities, Kaur and her husband were in the same cart while their child was sitting out with his grandmother. As they were completing their first lap of the course, Kaur’s hair got caught in the wheel.

“My wife and I were enjoying the ride on the go-kart. Suddenly, my wife’s hair got loose and I heard her scream. I raised an alarm and when the kart stopped, her scalp was peeled off. I do not know the quality of the rubber band and the helmet given to my wife,” Kaur’s husband Amardeep Singh told police, according to the Indian Express.

Kaur was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she died of her injuries.

Police told BBC Punjabi that they are investigating the incident. The amusement park has closed its go-kart track.

“The exact cause of death is unclear, but we will know after we receive details of the post mortem report,” a police officer told the BBC.

The manager for the amusement park told the Hindustan Times that the incident has “left everyone shocked.”

“Usually, all safety measures are followed,” Yadavindra Gardens manager Neeraj Gupta told the newspaper. “One person has been tasked with ensuring that all people wear proper head gear and follow other rules before using a go-kart. It is shocking this incident happened.”

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