Winter Weather Impacts The Gulf Coast

News 25’s Hank Davis speaks with emergency officials on what to be cautious of during the winter storm passing through Mississippi.

Rupert Lacy with the Harrison County Emergency Management Agency is closely monitoring the winter storm that’s passing through our state, and as temperatures continue to drop, the storm has the potential to create several issues for south Mississippians.

Lacy said, “Of course one of the things is the actual temperature that we look at.. the lower it gets we’re talking a hard freeze tonight, so part of that hard freeze is looking at what the current temperature is and then looking at the wind extremes. we have a wind chill advisory in place.. meaning that these are going to be into the teens if possible later into the night and early morning but as the temperature drops those extremes get bad.”

With those low temps, all the rain on the roads may turn to ice, creating even more of a mess for those that find themselves traveling.

Lacy said, “Everything is in play and as the rain leaves the area understand that those colder temperatures coming in behind it are coming in.. we may even be seeing at this time.. sleet or wintery mix precipitation, changing over from the rains.”

Anyone driving through the region affected by the storm should exercise extreme caution as roadways will be affected through the weekend.

In Harrison County, I’m Hank Davis, News 25.

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