Winn-Dixie Raised Over 3 Million Dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project

Winn-Dixie and other Southeastern Grocers stores raised millions for the Wounded Warrior Project. The money was donated to the organization in support of veterans with physical or mental disabilities.
Kate Speakes, district director for Winn-Dixie, says she’s thrilled at the outpouring of support from community members who together raised more than 3 million dollars to help veterans in need through the Wounded Warrior Project. “The stories that we heard in stores, we all can tell you about individuals approaching us and thanking us. I had customers tell me that they couldn’t leave their house for the 4th of July because of their post-traumatic stress disorder and they wanted to thank us in advance for caring and giving back to them.”
National Guard Member, Cody Cadogan, comes from a family of servicemen and says this project is needed for veterans facing tough times. And according to a poll by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2014, more than half of the 2.6 million Americans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan struggle with physical or mental health problems from their service. “Most veterans now-a-days are either doing what I’m doing, labor or trying to find some labor, or off in the middle of the woods by Wal-Mart, as you see,” said Cadogan.
No matter what you purchased on July 4th at Winn-Dixie, all proceeds went to the Wounded Warrior Project.
“I had a customer in Hattiesburg give 500 dollars in cash to the Wounded Warrior Project through our registers and from 50 cents from kiddos, from store directors who kids had lemonade stands and donated the proceeds, from those it was far reaching, it was everybody involved and every single dollar counted and it went to this great organization,” said Speakes.
Southeastern Grocers, including Winn-Dixie, BI-LO, and Harvey’s, all participated in this project. The profits totaled over 3 million, 44 thousand dollars.

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