Win big with Mega Millions and Powerball

Someone could win big this week! The Powerball jackpot for Wednesday, December 23rd is an estimated $321 million.

This is the highest the Powerball jackpot has been since January. Also, Mega Millions has an estimated $330 million jackpot for Tuesday, December 22nd.

The Mississippi Lottery Corporation completed its November transfer of $7,970,084.81 in net proceeds to the lottery proceeds fund in the Mississippi State Treasury.

This brings the total transfer for fiscal year 2021 to more than $41 million.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation also recently announced the additional awarding of projects throughout the state. Three of the projects are funded by the state lottery.

Enacted in 2018, the Alyce G. Clark Mississippi Lottery Law designates the first $80 million of lottery proceeds for state roads and bridges.

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