Will the State Flag Fly in Gautier?

The city of Gautier will decide whether or not to keep the state flag flying in front of City Hall on Tuesday. That’s what Mayor Gordon Gollott tells News 25.
Two days ago, the flag was taken down and replaced by the city flag but it was put right back up yesterday by the American Legion Post 1992. Bill Whatley, commander of Post 1992, says taking down the state flag was not up to the City Council since the flag flies on the Veteran’s Tribute Tower and Legion 1992 acts as steward of those flags. “This is the state flag of the state of Mississippi, until it’s changed and if it’s going to be changed, I don’t have a problem with that, but until it is changed, this is the state flag of Mississippi and it flies at the Veteran’s Tribute Tower with our other flags.”
Whatley tells News 25 all of the flags flying in front of City Hall were bought and paid for by the American Legion and he feels as if those flags belong to his post.
Whatley also says he wishes the city would have called and told them the flag was coming down.

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