‘Wildlife on the Geaux’ comes to Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center celebrates ‘National Reptile Day’ with a variety of reptiles for kids to see.

‘Wildlife on the Geaux’ Owner Tanee Janusz, who is from Louisiana, traveled to Gulfport to share her reptiles with the youth.

Janusz likes to introduce the younger generation to reptiles and amphibians to clear up negative misconceptions.

Wildlife on the Geaux’s reptiles have months of training and socialization before showing them to the public, she has been in the wildlife industry for 25 years.

Kids at the museum were fascinated as she kept introducing different animals for them to pet. “Seeing the kids excited about the reptiles just fills my heart. These guys are so unloved by lots of people and to have these kids just be so excited to meet them, it just makes me feel great.”

Janusz says she visits the Coast often and you can catch her at festivals or events or you can head to her Facebook page to see her schedule.

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