Wild Acres celebrates first birthday of baby sloth

The baby sloth at Wild Acres is one! The birthday celebration was shared with supporters online.

Sammy the Sloth hung around for his birthday. The crew at Wild Acres went live on Facebook to share his birthday party with supporters. Wild Acres Owner Cody Breland said, “Who wouldn’t want to celebrate Sammy’s birthday through Facebook live?”

Upon arrival, Sammy took Wild Acres to the next level by boosting social media interactions. This sloth is now a household name. “People who have supported us and been there deserve to see Sammy celebrate his birthday because people care. People love to keep up with these animals. They know these animals by name.”

Wild Acres dedicated a room to Sammy. The enclosure is kept at around 85 degrees and humified to replicate the rain forest. “We were able to learn from him and grow with him. It’s definitely been, I mean they come with challenges, sloths are not easy to care for.”

Sammy is now a crowd favorite. “He warmed up to people and now he’s great. He’s so relaxed. He’s in his element. He loves being pet by families. He loves it. He just lays around and eats all day. So, it’s pretty nice.”

Sloths in captivity live to be around 40 years old so here’s to many more happy birthday’s for Sammy! “He did something amazing here. So, we are thankful to Sammy.”

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