Wiggins Residents React to Recent Shootings

Residents of Wiggins describe their small town as generally safe and quiet, but they say two recent shootings have the town on edge.
Two shootings in two months have residents of Wiggins more cautious than normal.Wiggins resident Stephen Hardy said, “Well, the fact that it’s in the neighborhood was a little shocking because it just doesn’t happen here. Generally if you hear it, it’s like, oh it’s across town, not in my backyard, and it is a little strange.” Roger Freeman, detective sergeant of the Wiggins police, said, “Yeah, it kind of startled some over in the Vine Street area, then a lot from two months ago when that other shooting occurred. We started getting more input from the citizens which is what we need.”
In the first week of June, a double shooting woke the neighborhood around 1 a.m. on South McGregor Street. This past Wednesday night, more gun fire, this time outside of a home on Vine Street. A shooting police say stemmed from a former altercation.
Even through the shooting on Vine Street seems to be a personal issue, neighbors are still concerned for their children’s safety when they are out playing in the streets. “Yeah, we just have to do the best we can to warn our kids that if you hear a bunch of shouting or something going on, don’t go over to see what it’s all about. I would think they would want to stay clear of that and the parents would be good to tell the children that kind of message,” said Hardy.
Police tell News 25 the recent violence happening in such a short time span is rare for Wiggins. “Wiggins is a safe place. You know, we just unfortunately have, you know, people make bad decisions when they’re angry or aggravated and that’s what we had the other night. We just had some bad decisions made very quickly and that led us to what we got the other night,” said Freeman.
The suspect in Wednesday’s shooting faces two counts of aggravated assault. If you have any information about this crime, contact the Wiggins Police Department.

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