Wiggins Police Department monitoring school zones

Today, the Wiggins Police Department was outside of school zones reminding drivers to slow down as Stone County schools return next week.

With school back in session next week for Stone County, the Wiggins Police Department is helping to remind drivers to slow down on the busy road of Central Avenue. Patrol Officer Ashley Morris said, “We’ve been out here for the past two weeks trying to set up and remind people, just so that when the kids are here that they are slowing down because we have a lot of people that speed through here and it’s very easy for someone to lose control and make it in the school yard.”

The road runs right in front of Stone Middle School where the speed reduces from 45 miles per hour to 25 MPH. Since schools have been vacated due to the pandemic, drivers may need the extra reminder. Stone Middle School Front Office Secretary Jolene Strickland said, “We’re so thankful for our officers that come out and are here to help people slow down because it is so important. Slow down. Be aware of those children that are crossing the roads. Their parents want to see them get home safely.”

Since Central Avenue is one of the main routes through the City of Wiggins, the Wiggins Police Department wants to remind drivers that the reduced speed is not just for when the lights are flashing, but when children are present at all times throughout the school day. “We are really out here just trying to remind everybody to slow down, the school zones do have a reduced speed when the children are present.”

According to the Wiggins Police Department, drivers speeding in a school zone will usually be fined for going over 10 miles per hour. A speeding ticket in one of these zones usually averages to approximately $173 depending on their speed.

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