Wife of Missing Plane Passenger Speaks Out

The Coast Guard has suspended its search for the missing plane that went down Monday. While DMR crews say they will remain searching throughout the night and tomorrow, one wife pleads with the public to join in on the search.
Pam Miletello, wife of the missing passenger, said, “He said that he loved me and that he was on the way to his meeting.” That was the last message Pam Miletello received from her husband Gerald, a simple text message. For the last 48 hours, she’s been hoping for much more. “We want to bring him home. We want to bring Ron Gregory home and Dexter Brewer, as well. They’re all valued friends of ours.”
The three men were heading to Summerville, South Carolina on a business trip when Coast Guard officials believe something went wrong with their plane after a Gautier resident found parts of the tail wing in the Belle Fontaine area.
While multiple search and rescue teams have scoured 3,500 square miles of water and air, there’s still no sign of the pilot and his two passengers. “We have not found anything on the surface that indicates survivors. We have found debris from the wreckage,” said Captain Brandon Lechthaler.
6:38 on Wednesday evening was the exact time the Coast Guard suspended their search, a time Pam Miletello knew eventually would come. Now she’s looking to the community to help bring her husband home. “Anyone that can safely get in the water, I ask you to be safe, I don’t want anyone else hurt but please, we believe in God and his awesome power. We’re drawing on that strength right now.”
If you happen to find debris that looks like it could be from the plane, authorities urge you not to touch it and call the Coast Guard, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department or DMR immediately.

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