Widening Beatline Road in Long Beach

Traveling down main thoroughfares like Highway 49, 90, or Beatline Road in Harrison County can be a headache for commuters during peak traffic hours. That’s why Long Beach city officials want to make a change.

Mayor George Bass and MDOT are in the works of creating a north-south corridor for the city by widening Beatline Road into four lanes with a bike path and a median.

Community Affairs Director Jenny Levens says the expansion is much needed, as it would help with evacuation efforts and flooding during a storm, relieve traffic on Highway 49, and it would be a quicker route to the beach from I-10 to Highway 90. “I think it will be a nice impact for everybody. For residents, it would give less time to have to travel the road. Traffic wouldn’t be as bad. For our visitors that come in town, it would give them a chance to get off sooner with less traffic and have a scenic drive down Highway 90.”

As of now, there is not a timeline as to when the road work would start, but Mayor Bass is currently working on funding for the project.

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