Wicker/Hyde-Smith Election night reception

It is official: Wicker will be in the Senate seat for Mississippi for another six years and the special election is heading into a run-off.

News 25’s Gabby Easterwood was in Jackson last night where Cindy Hyde-Smith and Roger Wicker held their watch parties.

One candidate, Roger Wicker, went home a winner while his fellow Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith has another three weeks to make her name known. They were both surrounded by support on Tuesday night as the ballroom they held their reception in at the Westin Hotel was painted red.

News 25 spoke with Senator Wicker who says during his second term he wants to focus on policy, rural Mississippi, and healthcare. “We need to make health insurance a lot better for the average American. I think we can do that, but I think competition should be part of it. What works for you might not work for me and you need choices. We need more than a one-size fits all and I can say that for every Mississippian.”

Wicker says he wants to continue the progress that he has been working towards in legislature during the past ten years. “It’s exciting to think of the things we are going to be able to do to make America stronger, to bring more jobs to Mississippians, and to just get some things done and to put some laws on the books that help people.”

As for Cindy Hyde-Smith, she is ready to fight for that seat next to Wicker in the runoff election taking place on November 27th. She says she was expecting this so she is prepared. “We knew what we were getting into with four people in the race. We were prepared for it.”

While speaking at the election reception, she encouraged her supporters to keep up the momentum for the next three weeks and on Election Day. “I have to have every single one of you and everybody listening and everyone you come in contact with. We have to turn out like we have never turned out before.”

Both of these Trump-endorsed politicians hope they will be side-by-side in the Senate to work for the betterment of Mississippi.

As for that runoff you can say these Republicans are feeling confident moving forward.

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