Who is Robert Gray?

Before Tuesday night, no one had heard of Robert Gray, who was in the running for the Democratic nomination in the governor’s race. It took many by surprise when he won.
Gray did not campaign at all and did not even vote in Tuesday’s primary.
Who is Robert Gray? That was the question most people were asking when the Democratic primary results came down showing Gray pulled 51 percent of the vote, narrowly avoiding a runoff with Vicki Slater.
“Something told me that I was going to win. So, I just left it up to faith, whatever would happen,” said Gray.
Gray is a truck driver who spent absolutely no money on his campaign, only made a few campaign appearances and admitted to the press he did not even vote in Tuesday’s primary. Still, the man who few knew edged out lawyer Vicki Slater, who was backed by much of the Democratic establishment, and OB-GYN Dr. Valerie Short.
Gray said, “I know my two opponents, they campaigned real hard and heavy. Like I said, I would’ve been happy with either one of them.”
But it’s not them, it’s him. And now the Democratic Party stands behind him. Chair of Mississippi Democratic Party Rickey Cole said, “We told him today that our headquarters is his office and that our staff here is completely at his disposal. The Democratic Party, we support our nominees once they get the nomination.”
Gray hasn’t taken a stance on many issues leading up to the primary elections; however he says he can be the change Mississippi needs. “I’m giving them an option. We got hospitals laying off, we got bad infrastructure. The state of Mississippi needs a total makeover.”
And while many consider him a long-shot against incumbent Phil Bryant, it will be in the hands of the voters on November 3rd.
Robert Gray will face both Republican Phil Bryant and Reform Party’s Shawn O’Hara in November’s general election.

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