What’s new with Harrison County Fire Rescue

While some may argue that 2020 is filled with more downs than ups, there’s one department in Harrison County that’s on fire.

Harrison County Fire Rescue received a $600,000 federal grant to replace their air packs and mask.

Air packs are a breathing apparatus that firefighters wear like backpacks and use every time they’re putting out fires.

Apart from knowing the firefighters are getting better safety gear, there’s more good news for Harrison County residents. They’ll be able to pay less in homeowner’s insurance since the county fire rating has been lowered to a six.

Your insurer will not automatically factor in this new rating to your cost, you must notify them. Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said, “So a six for our area is very good and we’ve received that through the work we’ve done with training response time, hiring firefighters, staffing. These are the things that have helped us accomplish the fire rating of six.”

Harrison County Fire Rescue is also hiring paramedics and training advanced EMT.

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