West Harrison High School celebrates senior class with parade

It was a picture perfect day for a parade weather-wise, and that’s a good thing for West Harrison High School seniors and their loved ones who gathered at the Harrison County Sheriff’s County Farm for a senior parade.

It’s the final countdown for West Harrison High School seniors and a picture perfect day for Jacie Bryant and Desirae Dorr, best friends who will soon be walking across the stage to receive their high school diplomas.

Like the others lined up in this parade, these two young ladies are waving goodbye to what many would agree has been a very bumpy senior year, navigating uncharted territory on the final road to their high school diplomas. Desirae said, “It started out pretty good, but just when we started to get to the fun part, it kind of just disappeared and now we’re having to make up for all that. Calculus online is pretty hard. It’s not for me.”

Despite all the obstacles and detours, these members of West Harrison High’s class of 2020 made it and after months of quarantine, they gathered for one last ride together in the senior parade. Jacie said, “I didn’t expect it to end like this, cut so short. So, doing this and having the teachers come out means a lot to us.”

This is just the beginning. In just a few weeks these graduates will be walking across the stage to get their high school diplomas. “It means a lot. It’s really sad that senior year ended the way it did, but we’re just going to make the most of what we can.”

Tanya Lee, family and friends did just that. Because of COVID restrictions they can’t be on hand for their nephew Donovan Knee’s graduation at the Coast Coliseum on May 30th, but as on this day, they’ll still be cheering him on.

This is a class of its own, heading in different directions, but all with lessons learned that will help them in the long run.

There’s always a silver lining if only you look for it. “It’s really special because we’re the first class to do this. So, it’s really making history.”

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