West Harrison band practices for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving is next week and that means the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will air live on WXXV. One lucky high school band from the Gulf Coast will perform in New York City.
News 25’s Taylor Rubach got an inside look at the West Harrison High School Hurricane band practicing for their big day.
On a typical day after school, the Hurricane band practices for Friday night football, but since September they’ve been working extra hard for a chance in the national spotlight. Band Director Tim Garrett said, “Pretty stunning. We didn’t expect it for sure then we have to hold onto the information for about a month and then they come and do the big reveal with the media and the kids are totally blown away.”
West Harrison High School is the fourth school in the state of Mississippi chosen to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the only school in Harrison County to ever march the 3.5 mile route, an experience they say is a true privilege. “It’s hard to say. It’s a big honor for sure. We hope to do a good job and represent everyone well,” said Garrett.
Sophomore Alexia Manganti said, “It’s such an honor to represent the great state of Mississippi at the Macy’s Day Parade.”
Two years ago, Garrett applied for their spot in the show and the band is only one of seven high schools across the U.S. that will be playing. Altogether they will be performing two Christmas songs and their main performance called ‘Enterprising Young Men’ which is top secret until the big day. “I’m extremely excited. I know that all the hard work we’ve been putting in is going to pay off. We’ve been working extremely hard. After school practices have been great,” said Manganti.
Although performing in the parade is the number one thing they’re looking forward too, they’ll also appear on the Today Show and plan to sightsee around the Big Apple as well. “We’re going to go to the Rockefeller Center to go ice skating and eat at Bubba Gump and go to the 9/11 monument,” said Manganti.
The band will leave for New York on Saturday.

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