Welcome Home USS Ramage

A huge welcoming party celebrated the return of the USS Ramage at Point Park in Pascagoula. News 25’s Laurene Callander shows us the homecoming of the naval ship.
Kids of all ages, adults, even man’s best friend, all waving the stars and stripes, welcomed the USS Ramage home from overseas.
Three hundred sailors spent the last eight months fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. South Mississippi honored their return with open arms Monday morning at Point Park. William Ladnier attended the welcoming party. He said, “I thought it was really important to get my kids out here and let them see kind of the big picture of how our country stays safe and how the troops are actually overseas fighting and what it takes to keep our country free. I wanted them to connect with that.”
The USS Ramage is no stranger to Pascagoula. The ship was built and delivered here at Ingalls back in 1995. Dorothy Shaw with Ingalls Community Relations said, “These shipbuilders are delighted to welcome this ship back home so they can once again demonstrate their shipbuilding expertise, but more importantly so that this community can say welcome home to this crew.”
Ingalls shipbuilders will spruce up the USS Ramage with overhaul and modernization work. While the workers main concern is improving the destroyer, locals made it a priority for sailors to know they are appreciated. “I know that it means the world to everyone on that ship that we care, that what they’re doing is recognized by all of us back here,” said Ladnier.

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