This weekend is Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday Weekend

The Sales Tax Holiday kicks off this morning and you can cut down on the cost of school supplies and clothes today and tomorrow.

School supplies, including crayons, scissors, pens, and pencils are all covered. Calculators are also included this weekend as a new category.

Unlike other states’ tax free holiday weekend, electronics are not included in tax free purchases made this weekend.

Shoppers will save on the state’s seven percent sales tax on these items up to $100.

Apart from the sales tax savings, many stores are also having additional sales. Academy Hardlines Manager Matt Fasler said, “We’ve got a lot of excited people coming out today trying to save that extra seven percent on a lot of items, items that are less than $100 including apparel, footwear, back to school items, lunchboxes. We have a lot of items here that are all over the place. We can save you a lot of money today.”

If you would prefer not to shop in-person many stores offer the same discounts online as well as curb-side pickup.

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