Weather causing delivery delays for Walmart Neighbor Markets

Walmart shelves along the Coast are not as stocked as usual due to the weather.

If you take a trip to your local neighborhood Walmart you’ll notice low stock or no stock of different types of product. Mother Nature has delayed truck deliveries here on the Coast. Digital Team Lead for Gulfport Walmart Kasey Lovato said, “Because of the roads freezing over, we’ve had a delay with a lot of our deliveries, the general merchandise truck, the fresh truck as far as the bread and milk in store, we have a huge shortage on those. So, we haven’t been able to provide those for the customers like we usually are.”

The good news is truck deliveries full of supplies are scheduled to arrive soon. Walmart Store Manager Kevin Gaines said, “We’ll start seeing a lot of those loads being shipped to the stores later today as conditions do improve. Of course, according to the Weather Service there is another storm and some other weather coming in.”

One food item flying off the shelves is bread. Customers who typically buy the Great Value brand are having to spend a little bit more money just to keep bread on the table.

Paper towels, tissues, cat and dog food, milk, and bread are also delayed. “The dry grocery side and the general merchandise is the ones that been affected because those are the items that we get out of the local D.C. in Brookhaven.”

Walmart urges customers to continue to call and check to check inventory before making a trip to the store. “We hope in the next couple of days to get our stock back to normal inventory levels.”

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