Waveland Mayor’s Race Set for December 2nd

The Waveland race for Mayor is now down to its top two candidates, who will face off in December. Democrat, Mike Smith, and Republican, Jay Trapani, are rallying for the next two weeks to become the next Mayor of the Hospitality City.

After seven candidates threw their hat in the ring, Waveland Fire Chief, Mike Smith, came out on top. Smith was deemed the Democratic candidate in the Waveland mayoral race after Tuesday night’s runoff election. Smith tells News 25 he now feels the whole momentum of the party behind him. Smith says, "And I think it’s due to being a relatively small town. Everybody knows everybody and I think those folks are gonna’ line up behind me. In fact, they’ve already said they would and I appreciate that because this next race is a very important race."

On December 2nd, Chief Smith will go up against Republican candidate, Jay Trapani, who has gone unopposed this whole election until now. Trapani says, "It was very relaxing in the primary I should say, but you know it doesn’t lessen the work on a daily basis. You still gotta’ go out and knock on every door and be conscious on what’s going on around you with the other candidates."

If elected, Trapani will be the 2nd Republican Mayor in Waveland’s history. Trapani also says, "People of Waveland are ready for a change. They’re ready for a breath of fresh air. A lot of people as I know on doors tell me that we need some new ideas, we need some new people in there."

Both candidates believe in growing the Waveland population and adding more businesses and family attractions. Smith says the last hurdle is getting through the next two weeks and pushing voter turnout. Smith closes, "We’re not gonna’ let up and keep on moving forward and continue knocking doors and hopefully we’ll get the same turnout that we’ve been getting."

The people of Waveland will choose their next Mayor on December 2nd.

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