Waveland Loosens Noise Ordinance

The City of Waveland is hoping a new loosened noise ordinance will help attract business development to the city’s downtown area.
The new ordinance allows music 85 decibels or less to occur later on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Starting December 16th, Thursday night noise can go on until midnight while Friday and Saturday night noise can still go on until 2 a.m. All other nights the noise must stop at 10.
Mayor Mike Smith says the previous ordinance that stopped noise at 10 p.m. on the weekends really limited business growth in the area around Coleman Avenue. He hopes to see it build back up the way it was before Katrina. “This noise ordinance was just another tool in the toolbox that we’re using because I’ve appointed a planning and zoning committee to look at our zoning to make it more user friendly if you will, for encouraging people to come here, too. We’re doing everything we can think of to try to encourage development on Coleman Avenue,” said Mayor Smith.
Also going into effect December 16th, a utility ordinance that will lower the deposit cost for businesses and also let residents pay for only the water they use instead of the 4,000 gallon minimum they were paying before.

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