Waveland City Election

Today, Waveland residents cast their votes for mayor and alderman seats.

Voters were out in full force for the mayoral and alderman election in Waveland. Every voter had their own opinion on who to vote for, though most could agree on the importance of this election. Waveland voter George McCann said, “I think we should all vote, whether you vote for the opponent or the challenger.”

Many of the candidates lined up along Coleman Avenue to get in some last minute campaigning, the same street many of the voters say they’d like to see revitalization on. Waveland voter Kenny Conrad said, “I think that’s the key to Waveland is Coleman Avenue. If we don’t bring Coleman Avenue back then I think it’ll be very hard for Waveland to come back completely.”

Coleman Avenue wasn’t the only topic of discussion, voters had plenty of ideas about how they want to see Waveland progress. “I want to see our business population continue to grow, some of the property to be cleaned up, and continue infrastructure on our streets and sidewalks,” said Conrad.

Overall, voters just want what is best for their city. Waveland voter Ann Steinmetz said, “This is our town. We put up with a lot after the storm and it is finally coming back. So we all have to care and it’s a small town. We all know each other and the election is important. It is important to us.”

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