Waterspout causes damage at Long Beach Harbor

Long Beach Harbor residents continue cleanup after Saturday’s storms.

A waterspout that moved over the harbor caused damage to multiple vessels. Crews were out this afternoon using a crane on a barge to pull debris out of the water. There was also a scuba diver on site who helped retrieved debris from the bottom of the harbor.

While no one was injured, one man was in his sailboat when the waterspout tipped the boat over on its side. It took crews an hour and a half to get him out safely. Harbor Master William Angley said, “A waterspout came through the west side of the harbor, lifted the roof off one boat, which hit another, three boats in between. Hitting a mass, separating the mass from the sailboat and sending debris from the point clear over to the pavilion on the east side of the harbor.”

Cleanup has wrapped up and took the crews around three hours.

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