Water bill changes in Biloxi

A staffing switch is causing some changes in the City of Biloxi’s water bills.
Those Biloxi water customers who would have received their monthly bill on August 30th with a due date of September 15th will be receiving those bills late with a due date of September 25th. Bank draft customers will be drafted on the 25th, not the 15th.
The late bills are going to a third of the city’s water customers. Biloxi bills its 14,000 customers in three cycles.
The staff change caused a previous billing cycle to be several days late which also pushed back the current cycle. Cecilia Dobbs Walton with City of Biloxi Public Affairs said, “This is a City of Biloxi issue for the residents that are getting the bill late due to the mailing issue. Those late fees have been extended, most of them until October 5th. Just make sure you call the water department or email the water department to make sure you talk to them about your bill and your due date.”
The phone number is 435-6240 or you can email water@biloxi.ms.us. If the next cycle is also late, the due date will be pushed back accordingly.

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