Water advisory for areas in Gulfport-Biloxi

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality issued a water contact advisory after a waste water leak in Gulfport Tuesday afternoon.

The leak has been stopped, but crews continue to clean up after a waste water main break on Carl Legget Road in Gulfport. The leak ran into parts of Bernard Bayou near Cowan-Lorraine Road. Because of this, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality issued a water contact advisory for several bodies of water extending from the Gulfport Lake down through Bernard Bayou and ending at Big Lake near Popps Ferry Road. Doug Upton with MDEQ said, “It probably won’t reach the extent of where we issued the advisory, but there again, we want to be protective of human health.”

While MDEQ doesn’t know the exact amount of waste that spilled into the water in Gulfport, they don’t recommend coming in contact with it and that does include swimming and fishing.

You might remember a similar leak happened in the same area back in 2016. The advisory issued for that incident lasted over a week. This leak was caught fast and the City of Gulfport was able to redirect a lot of the waste to a nearby manhole. “We issue the advisories typically immediately especially if they are a significant amount. Again, it just depends on the magnitude of the leak and how long it ran. This one didn’t run that long,” said Upton.

If you’re a boater and still want to enjoy the water without getting it, that’s safe to do.

MDEQ will start monitoring the waters tomorrow and will release more information once testing is complete.

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