Warriors for Willow Draw Down

Tonight, the United Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency Foundation put on a fundraiser at the Ohr-O’Keefe Art Museum in Biloxi. The funds raised through tonight’s fundraiser will go towards research, spreading awareness and finding a cure for MSD, the rare disease that affects less than one hundred children globally.
“We know that there’s a chance that she might not benefit from what we are doing here, but we want to create that legacy for her to have.”
Amber Olsen is not only the founder of the United MSD Foundation, but she is also the mother of Willow Cannan, a four-year-old Ocean Springs child living with MSD, an ultra-rare disease that breaks down major bodily organs, typically taking the life of its victim by the age of ten. “I mean it’s horrible to watch your child die right before your eyes in like a slow motion.”
Through the United MSD Foundation, Olsen has challenged her pain and turned into strength. Willow’s best friend’s mother, Crystal Arminio, said, “What Amber does, what Tom does, it’s amazing. She’s got a lot of drive. It’s drive that not a lot of people would have.”
Tickets for Thursday night’s draw down fundraiser raised over $14,000 for the United MSD Foundation. United MSD Foundation Administrative Assistant Katelyn Wood said, “It touches my heart to know that this many people care about our foundation, this one little foundation that was started by a mom who wanted to save her child.”
United MSD has raised over $230,000 for research and advocacy since it was founded in 2016.
The United MSD Foundation will also be hosting their inaugural Zebra Run for Rare Diseases this Saturday in Ocean Springs. For more information visit unitedmsdfoundation.org.

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