[Warning: Viewer discretion advised] Facebook live video goes viral

The two suspects wanted for kidnapping and abusing a 23-year-old woman in a Facebook live video are now in custody.
News 25’s Taylor Rubach reached out to the community for their response and has more on this senseless act.
“I was disgusted. I was pretty much disgusted.” Eighteen-year-old Isabella St. Claire says seeing others her age acting like this on social media, allegedly beating up a 23-year-old woman on Tuesday night is appalling.
Gulfport resident Casey Breland said, “I don’t think it is right to do things like that. For anybody, any innocent person to go through anything like that.”
Gulfport Chief of Police Leonard Papania says 17-year-old Ezzie Johnson has been arrested and is charged with kidnapping and 19-year-old Haleigh Alexis Hudson, who turned herself in, is charged with kidnapping and sexual battery Wednesday night. “There is a victim in this case. It is important we ensure that our criminal justice system, protects that victim, and seeks proper justice. I wish people would look at just how warped our society has become. We video tape pain and suffering and then we share it and we view it over and over,” said Chief Papania.
The video shows Hudson beating the woman and Johnson forcing her to perform explicit sexual acts. The video has shaken the Gulf Coast, leaving residents heartbroken for this defenseless woman. “If I saw anything like that I probably would’ve jumped in, as much as I could, it’d be five against one, but anything about it I would’ve tried to stop,” said St. Claire.
As for the others seen in the video standing by? Chief Papania explains he’s comfortable that there will be more charges to follow. “They’re just being young and naïve, thinking they can do what they want to do. Just trying to do, I don’t know, not prove anything, but just doing too much really. They call it just playing around, but it’s not funny. It’s not funny at all,” said Breland.
“I think they’re just as guilty as the people who were beating her. I think they all need some time,” said St. Claire.

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