[Warning: Graphic Content] Shots Fired at Golden Sportsplex in Gulfport

Gulfport police are investigating shots fired and multiple fights at the Goldin Sportsplex on Prudie Circle. Three minutes of it was caught on video and posted to Facebook. News 25 has that video. Warning: the content is graphic.
In the video, you can see two females fighting then shots are fired, dispersing the crowd. The teenagers run off, but shortly after multiple fights break out.
According to Gulfport Public Information Officer Sergeant Joshua Bromen, officers responded to the sportsplex around 4:30 this afternoon and located a handgun on the property.
The crowd ran off as officers arrived on the scene so no arrests were made.
Sgt. Bromen tells News 25 officers will continue to investigate this video and charges could be filed in the future.

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