Waller talks infrastructure on the Coast

Bill Waller Jr. made his way to the Coast one last time before Tuesday’s runoff election.

Waller spoke to employees of Warren Paving in Gulfport about the importance of the role they play in the overall health of the state’s infrastructure.

Waller laid out his plan of action which includes rerouting taxes by eliminating the four percent income tax bracket, then gradually increasing user fees to a level that allows the state enough funding to address the road needs.

Waller stressed the point that having proper roads and bridges creates a positive domino effect for the state. “The people that live here and work here, they understand the importance of it because they actually see the conditions of the roads and they understand what a properly maintained road is for. So, we’ve got to have them. No business is going to locate here and nobody is going to move here if you don’t have the infrastructure.”

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