Waffle House closing more than 350 diners over COVID-19 pandemic, emergency managers take note

Waffle House is closing more than 350 diners due to the coronavirus pandemic, the chain announced on social media.

Some of those locations are in North Carolina, but most are up north, where Waffle House is not as popular. Even though hundreds of restaurants are closing, 1,627 Waffle House locations remain open in the U.S.

According to a station in Georgia, where Waffle House is based, the 24-hour chain is famous for disaster preparedness — so much so that emergency officials have incorporated Waffle House’s ability to serve food in its measure of a disaster.

When Waffle House announced the 365 closures on Twitter, it included the hashtag “Waffle House Index Red” in reference to a real disaster test developed by an official in Florida.

The index is said to be green if waffle house is serving its full menu, yellow if it’s serving from a limited menu and red if a location has closed.

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