Voters hit the polls in Senate District 49

As we speak voters in Senate District 49 are hitting the polls to vote on who they’d like to see take the place of Sean Tindell.
The three candidates running in today’s special election are Ron Meyers, Dan Carr, and Joel Carter, who all reside in Gulfport. News 25 took a peek inside Lyman Community Center, the second largest precinct in the district, as voters trickled in. There are 5,384 registered voters in this precinct and poll managers say only about 111 people showed up to vote within the first four hours, saying it’s not a very good turnout so far. Poll Manager Beverly Lee said, “We were sort of expecting it but hoping for a better turnout then what we have. Just on special elections it’s not a long line, the larger elections we have a turn out, but when it’s an election like this we count them as they come in and hope for more.”
Voter Lee Rogers said, “All three fellows that are running, I believe all three, are really good quality candidates. All three of them are a person of faith, so I realize that you can’t miss when you elect somebody.”
Sean Tindell recently vacated the Senate District 49 Senate seat after he was sworn in as a judge with the state appeals court.

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