Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast Appoints A New CEO

Milton Segarra has been selected to become the face of tourism for the three coastal counties.. As the new executive director of visit Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Today News 25 got a chance to speak to Segarra all the way from Puerto Rico.
He told us he is excited to revise the elements of the brand, in order to make sure the activities the community is putting on are visible on a larger scale.
Segarra plans to put into effect immediate, short term and medium range plans that will allow tourism on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to flourish.
He says his main goal is to identify the one thing the gulf coast does best, and then use that to enhance the guest experience.

“Well I am really excited to join the community of the Gulf Coast on this new adventure for me and my family, and I am really happy and excited to bring the innovation, the approach in my business, the possibility of revising our business model and make sure we bring into equation the needs of the community, the stakeholder, and come up with very specific solutions to make sure we can advance the business possibilities for the region.”
– Milton Segarra

Segarra’s employment begins January 8, 2018.

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