Virtual field trip at Biloxi Upper Elementary

Today students at Biloxi Upper Elementary School took a virtual field trip to Philadelphia and it wasn’t for the Super Bowl Parade.
News 25’s Jaylon Morris joined the students for a history lesson on the American Revolution.
Students filled the auditorium at Biloxi Upper Elementary School to visit the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. Librarian Kristy Arguelles says one of the students’ favorite authors made this possible. “I received a notice they were going to have a virtual field trip with Lauren Tarshis. She is an amazing author. Our students are just wowed by her books.”
Tarshis writes historical fiction novels for students to learn and students are fascinated by her work. Trinity Morrison said, “She really lets me feel how this happened, like all these things happened.”
Tarshis toured the museum on film, giving students the opportunity to see historical treasures and learn about the American Revolution and War of Independence. The students were very excited about the virtual field trip. When asked about some of their favorite parts, here’s what a few of them had to say. “I really like how this took us step-by-step on things that happened and what they used,” said Trinity.
Student Domonic Wince said, “They brought back artifacts that you wouldn’t see most of the time in real life. You can compare them to what you really see to what you don’t see in real life.”
Arguelles says these opportunities can inspire students to learn or even become future historians. “Students that you heard from today that are very excited about the artifacts, that might be a path they want to take in the future and we just want to foster that.”

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