Vintage Motorcycle Club

Sunday, the Mobile Bay Vintage Motorcycle Club hosted hundreds of motorcycle aficionados at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art.
The museum’s plaza was filled with around one hundred vintage motorcycles. This is the third annual event that the Mobile Bay Vintage Motorcycle Club has hosted and they expected to have around five hundred people stop by to admire the rare bikes.
There was also a competition and they would be judging twelve classes of bikes. Mobile Bay Vintage Motorcycle Club Event Promoter Maurice Turgeau said, “We usually look for something that is pre-1980. We have bikes that date all the way back to 1910. We have quite a range, really some beautiful machines and we have a vintage bike exhibit running at the museum until February with Kevin O’Brien, the curator, running that up for us so there’s a lot of things to see here.”
If you missed the show Sunday, make sure to stop by the museum exhibit to check out some vintage motorcycles.

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