Vietnam War Commemoration Service in Ocean Springs

The Vietnam Memorial in Ocean Springs honors over 660 veterans who died or went missing from action in Vietnam.

With Memorial Day coming up, it’s fitting for the Daughters of the American Revolution to have a memorial service to honor Vietnam veterans.

While Jane Cook sang ‘America the Beautiful,’ people at the Ocean Springs Vietnam Memorial took time to reflect on the nine million Americans who served and the 58,000 who lost their lives in Vietnam. Carol Walters with the Biloxi chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution said, “Because it is the 50th anniversary, we decided this would be an appropriate thing to do.”

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson paid his respects at the event. The service made him think about his father, who served in the Air Force. “The sacrifices the men and women in the armed services make is very personal to me. It’s just something we have to be conscious of respecting that. We let them know we appreciate them.”

For Carol Walters, this is more than just a memorial service. She attended high school with two veterans who passed away during Vietnam. They are recognized at the Ocean Springs Vietnam Memorial. “Angus was a helicopter pilot that was shot down.  So he had a horrible death. Art was a soldier on the ground and he was shot. It means a great deal to be able to do something for these men who never lived past their 20s.”

Veteran Greg Sandiego served in Vietnam. There’s not a day where he doesn’t think about the heroes who fought for our country and died. “To have and see pictures on the wall of the men who have given their all, I gave some. They are the ones who gave all. It’s a humbling experience to be here.”

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