Vietnam Veteran Pays Tribute to Armed Forces with Patriotic House

For many, the Fourth of July weekend means hanging the stars and stripes somewhere on their home, but for Vietnam veteran and Gulfport resident David Troterer, he chose to show off his red, white and blue pride all year long.
It started off as just a few patriotic statues in his yard last January, and now his house is completely covered in the red, white and blue, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend. As a Vietnam War veteran, Troterer painted his house to show his love and support to the men and women continuing to serve our county today. He wrapped up the finishing touches yesterday to his home with a powerful message: “There’s an old saying that’s like ‘it’s not what your country can do for you but what you can do for you county.’ Well, my saying is this: us military vets and the people serving our county now-a-days active duty, we’ve proven and we serve our county and we show them what we can do for our county. Our question is now, what can our county do for us? So, it starts with you in D.C. It starts with you, Mr. President and Congress and Senators.”
Even his dog “Little Buddy” is patriotic and ready for the Fourth with his festive star-spangled bandana.

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