Victoria Lynn opens at Gulfport Premium Outlets

If you are a woman who loves a little sparkle and wants to add some one of a kind pieces of jewelry to your collection then head over to the Gulfport Premium Outlets.
Mississippi native Shelia Hodges is the owner of Victoria Lynn Jewelry. Her handcrafted jewelry is embellished with eye catching crystals and she has recently opened her first boutique in Gulfport to sell her one of a kind jewelry.
Director of Marketing and Business Development Rhonda Roberts said, “It is custom designed jewelry made in Mississippi here and it’s with Swarovski crystals and they are one of a kind and as you can see an array of selections. They will design it for you or you can pick from what is in the store and it’s a great thing to have them here at Gulfport Premium Outlets.”
Although Shelia is proudly based in South Mississippi she is well-known beyond state lines.

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