Victims Identified in Southhaven Walmart Shooting

An update on the Southhaven Walmart Police say 40-year-old store manager Anthony Brown, and Supervisor Brandon Gales were shot and killed by a disgruntled employee of that Walmart store in Southaven, Mississippi.

Late last week, workers gathered in the store’s parking lot to give each other support and to remember their fallen colleagues

The alleged gunman, Martez Abram, is recovering from surgery and will be turned over to authorities once he has sufficiently recovered.

A police officer was treated for minor injuries after he was struck in his bulletproof vest but is expected to make as full recovery.

While the Southaven shooting is not considered a “mass shooting,” according to the nonprofit group gun violence archive,  as of this morning, there have been 251 mass shootings in America, averaging 1.2 mass shootings per day, with 979 people shot and 246 dead.

The group defines a mass shooting as one where four or more people are shot in one location at the same time.

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