Vicki Slater Visits Singing River Retirees

Vicki Slater, a democratic candidate for Mississippi governor, was on the Gulf Coast today supporting Singing River Hospital Retirees picketing outside of Ocean Springs Hospital.
After her husband saw his pension decrease from $3,300 to $750 a month, Governor Vicki Slater said she knows how these retirees are feeling: “I have my own personal experience where my husband’s pension disappeared when he worked for Delphi Packard, so I’m understanding what these people are going through. They deserve an explanation why and the people responsible should answer for that.”
Irby Tillman, SRHS retiree, said, “It means a lot, as a lot of our elected officials haven’t been out on this line. They haven’t asked us anything other than the Board of Supervisors, which you know where that goes, we don’t have a voice there.”
The governor candidate tells News 25 the situation is a betrayal of public trust and has her plans to clean up the situation, if she’s elected.
“I would first of all set up legislations so that it would be a criminal offense to not account for public pensions like this and I would get an accounting even if I had to go through some sort of receivership petition for everyone to know exactly what happened and who is responsible,” said Slater.
June Drury, the wife of a SRHS retiree, said, “She knows firsthand what we’re facing, so I feel that she’s sincere and she’s going to back us all the way.”
The retirees picket outside of Ocean Springs Hospital every Tuesday at 2 o’clock.
The Gubernatorial Election Primary will take place on August 4th.

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