Vicari Auto Auction kicks off

One ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ tradition for over 20 years returned today with hundreds of cool rides and plenty of competitive bidders.

The ‘Cruisin’ the Coast Vicari Auto Auction’ rolled into the Coast Convention Center. It’s a tradition almost as old as ‘Cruisin.’ Vicari Auctions Owner Peter Vicari said, “The second year, we sold the Imperial Palace collection. We’ve been here ever since expect for the year Katrina destroyed the building.”

Vicari Auctions acquires vehicles for the show from owners and collectors across the country. This year’s auction features more than 400 vehicles for anyone to bid on.

The unique thing about auctions like the ‘Vicari Auto Auction’ is that rare and limited edition vehicles are often on the bidding block like a 1978 Corvette Indianapolis 500 pace car limited edition. “We’ve got to work with people, get the cars, a lot of times we’ll have them picked up and shipped here in an enclosed trailer, a lot of the time these cars are treated like their kids.”

Just like the cars at the auction, the bidders come from various backgrounds. Some come to bid on a car for their personal enjoyment while others, like Henry Shane of Metairie, Louisiana, use the auction to add variety to their collections. “I buy like three or four a year and sell three or four a year to rotate the collection.”

Pat Sellers from Madison, Georgia says bidding for these vehicles is a highly competitive process. “You get very pumped up when it comes to the auction. There’s a competition part of it.”

Despite the competitive nature of the auction process, the event brings a lot of excitement to car lovers. “It gets exciting and I’ve seen it many, many times when they win the bid, an individual wins, they’re excited, the lady jumps up and kisses the guy, you know, cause she wanted it, and it’s exciting.”

The ‘Vicari Auto Auction’ begins at 10 a.m. each day through Saturday and the public is invited to attend with the purchase of a day pass.

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