Vicari Auto Auction at the Coast Coliseum

“$80,000, sold to the lady in the black shirt!” That’s something similar to what you could have heard if you were at the Vicari Auto Auction today. News 25’s Katarina Luketich takes us to the Coast Coliseum where she caught up with some big spenders.
Car collectors from near and far come every year to bid on the pricey classics at the Vicari Auto Auction. Jerry Nut, a car collector from Florida, said, “I’ve been here probably ten years and bought several cars here. It’s a great venue, lot of fun, lot of people.”
Robert Theser has been collecting vintage vehicles for 40 years. To him, the thrill of buying and selling antiques is intoxicating. “I am what they call a car-o-holic, they tell me. I got to keep buying cars.”
An addiction that many others share as well, the Vicari Auto Auction has been here from the very start of Cruisin’ the Coast 19 years ago. Pete Vicari tells News 25 it gets bigger and better every year. He says next year they might have to pitch tents outside because they’re running out of room for cars. This year there are collectors from California, St. Louis, and even Australia. “Once they get here, they love it,” said Vicari, “They say ‘we’re coming back’ and they have. We got customers that book rooms the day that they check out.”
Vicari hosts five auctions throughout the year but they tell News 25 there is no comparison to the one on the Gulf Coast. “The best and the biggest,” said Vicari.
So what about collecting antique cars is so appealing? Robert Theser said, “Every time you buy one, you have another project going on to work on and keep you busy. I just enjoy old cars and working on them.”
For the next three days, collectors like Robert Theser will be on the hunt for the perfect cruiser to add to their collection.
The auction will run all day Friday and Saturday. Doors open at 8:30 a.m.

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