Veterans Golfers Association Tournament

The Veterans Golfers Association’s national championship tournament ends today after four days of play at the Fallen Oak Golf Club. Eighty-four veterans from 44 states are in town, competing for the title of champion and enjoying each other’s company out on the course.
News 25’s Caroline Eaker takes us to the green and shows us why this tournament is so important to service men and women.
Captain Joshua Peyton has a new mission field these days where he cheers on fellow service men and women trying to get their swing back and cope with civilian life after returning from war. “I was a combat wounded vet back in 2011, spent some time at Walter Reed and was injured. Found golf as a therapeutic outlet for that and I knew that if golf has helped me so much that it could help a lot of veterans across the country and that’s basically the reason why we founded the Veterans Golfers Association.”
The VGA aims to bring service men and women of all branches an outlet to help ease the often difficult transition back to civilian life. “It doesn’t matter what service you served in. You want to compete and you want to win when this country starts losing things, we are all going to have a big problem. The Veteran Golfer Association just allows them to tap into that competitive spirit and they do it on a friendly golf course like Fallen Oak,” said Captain Peyton.
More than two thousand veterans have found relief on the links with and through the VGA. Colonel Louis Zeisman said, “I have been in the Army about 29 years and anytime you assemble people together from all services on a golf course, you just feel the power and feel the families. You just see the kids, you see everybody building relationships that will last forever.”
These service men and women now drive golf carts instead of airplanes and have traded in their weapons for golf clubs. “You know a lot of people talk about heroes and they use that word very easy. They just say heroes, but what you have here assembled on this golf course in Mississippi are the heroes of America.”

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