Veterans Day celebration at Jefferson Davis Elementary

Patriotic songs could be heard from miles away coming from Jefferson Davis Elementary in Biloxi.
Students waved flags high in the air to pay tribute to veterans and those who are currently serving our country. The ceremony was led by two students who read letters to their fathers who are both in the military and they thanked their dads for what they do.
The Keesler Honor Guard stopped by to march in with flags. Colonel Edward Segura of the 403rd Mission Support Group from Keesler Air Force Base was the honored speaker. “Talking about the service of the veterans who have come before and the sacrifices that they have made, but most importantly trying to encourage the kids to realize that the veterans do that to provide them the opportunities that they have and just encourage kids to take advantage of those opportunities starting with the education at the school.”
After the ceremony, veterans also had a chance to sit down and eat lunch with students.

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