Valentine’s Day flower sales keeping florist busy

It’s Valentine’s Day and it is one of the busiest days of the year for local florists.

Customers flocked to Lois’ Flower Shop in Long Beach today to pick up fresh flowers for their loved ones.

Valentine’s Day is an annual day celebrating romantic love, admiration, and friendship. Lois’ Flower Shop in Long Beach has assisted locals observing the day show their love in the form of fresh flowers for over 60 years. Designer Kathie Kozlowski said, “They’re beautiful and they are fragrant and they bring joy. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating who you love so you bring them something beautiful that makes them happy.”

They encourage all to not only show their love to their significant others, but to small businesses too. “We’re a small business. We’re family. This is how we take care of our kids. This is how we pay our bills. It supports our economy, our schools.”

Customers picked up their flowers, eager to surprise their valentine with the arrangement. Long Beach resident Jeff Posey said, “Love her very much. She stuck by my side last year. Although it was a hard year for my company. So, she deserves the very best.”

Long Beach resident Caleb Wilson said, “Last night, we did a gift because I had school this morning. She was worried she wouldn’t wake up, but I was like you’re going to get something else tomorrow. So, I’m excited to give her this. She almost cried last night with her slippers. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll get a tear or two out of these.”

“I hope to get a big kiss and a hug.”

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