USM Sees Record Enrollment

The University of Southern Mississippi has enrolled its largest freshmen class yet and their most academically talented freshman class in the university’s history.
For the seventh straight year, the medium grade point average for first time full, full time freshmen at USM is the highest ever recorded at 3.33 compared to 3.27 in fall of 2015. The average ACT score of new freshman is up as well, increasing from 22.73 in fall 2015 to 22.94 this year. Meanwhile, the national ACT average has dropped from 21 to 20.8.
While enrollment is up across the board for USM, their coastal locations alone have seen a 33 percent increase since 2006. USM Gulf Park Vice President Dr. Steve Miller said, “Our Gulf Park enrollment is up over nine percent from last year and that brings us to well over 3,000 students at this campus alone. We’ve been working very closely with the Hattiesburg campus to leverage the collective strengths of the entire institution. I think that’s evidenced by what you see in the growth and enrollment is creating opportunities across the Coast.”
Current figures indicate retention rates are up as well for first time, full time freshmen. That has increased from 72.4 percent to 74.3 percent.

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