USM Film Studies Degree Program

We continue to see Hollywood Directors choose our gulf coast for filming; our local four Year University wants to make sure we too are growing future filmmakers. That’s why USM Gulf Park officials are so eager to get the word out about their film studies degree program. They tell News 25, it’s an exciting time for the Gulf Coast to see blockbuster films being shot in our own back yard, but they want don’t local to be left out of the spotlight. The degree program is designed to help train potential filmmakers so that if they’re grown here, Hollywood will be more inclined to stay here and keep shooting here in South Mississippi. Any time you have an industry segment that wants to grow, they need human capital. And to have that human capital you need to have the people who are equipped with the right kind of skills and training to serve that industry so we’re excited about that program growing and what it’s going to mean for our film industry across the Gulf Coast.

The film studies degree program is only available at USM’s Gulf Park Campus.

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